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5 DIY Steps you can follow to make your computer run faster

Is your computer on crawling mode, whining, or hurling? Before you consult with the IT consultant to get it repaired, we recommend you to spare some time and follow these simple steps to make it run faster.

1. Keep The Backup

When you've all your valuable documents in your system, make sure that you have the back up of all. You can either buy external hard drive that is more spacious than the other device where you want to keep the backup.

2. Check out the space in your hard-disk

Most of the times, your system runs slow when its hard disk is full. Remove some items to create the space or shift the data to other sources like- other hard disks, CD/DVDs/Online etc.

3. Remove the unnecessary programs

If you have unnecessary programs in your system that you generally don't use, delete them permanently. It will not only make space, but will also improve the speed.

4. Remove the pesky viruses

Viruses, malware and spyware can indeed slow down your computer. Sometime, if they are severe, they can also lead to spamming and threaten your device. So make sure that you have an appropriate antivirus in your computer to protect it from all such viruses.

5. Run a Disk Clean Up

This will delete hundreds of megabytes temporary files, unnecessary system files, and will empty your recycling bin. When you have a clean system, it will start without hitches.

Exploit these simple steps and see it running at a better speed.

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